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I Guess It’s Real Now

So I’m hard at work writing as the April 20th deadline for the first draft of my book approaches. I’m spending nearly every morning writing from Tryst, the hipster coffee house in Adams Morgan about 15 minutes from my apartment. This morning I finished up the education chapter and made some progress on the conclusion.
Last night, though, in the mail I got the Fall catalog from Farrar, Straus, Giroux and right there on page 34, right next to Nadine Gordimer’s new work, is the finished product:
Now all I have to do is finish it.


  • Emily says:

    This is so awesome. Also: you are WAY cooler than Nadine Gordimer. Don’t hear anyone calling HER “young, technologically savvy, concerned about the future.”
    I do, however, have one problem with the blurb. Nowhere does it address the truly pressing question of all of us who have come of age in this new era of e-politics: “ARE BLOGGERS JOURNALISTS?”

  • Priti Thakker says:

    This is great. Presidential election and stories behind headlines get detailed coverage in UK media but I am looking forward to your book to fill in the gaps.